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The design and construction of fine jewelry is an art form. Master goldsmiths from the turn of the century have handed down techniques used by such artists as Bucellini, Bugari, Faberge, and Feriozzi. I was fortunate to learn many of these same styles directly from Orlando Feriozzi. Feriozzi came to America in 1975 after 50 years in Roma, Italy. He came to teach young Americans who were hungry to learn this lost art of hand fabrication, no longer taught in any school today. His work is like no other – no reproduction, no casting. Each piece is one of a kind. We used only hand-fabrication methods from the turn of the century. Orlando Feriozzi is truly a master in goldsmithing and I feel it a great honor to have apprenticed under him. Prior to that, I spent four years with a German trained stone setter Joseph Sauer, learning the intricacies of stone setting.

“Each piece is one of a kind. We use only hand-fabrication methods from the turn of the century”.

In total, my nearly ten year apprenticeship followed by many years of experience has allowed me to design and construct the finest original custom jewelry available anywhere.

– David Adams

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David Adams

100 West Center Street
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